Denise Karvasales
Wild Boar

My most memorable meat would have to be wild boar.  Wait! You're immediate may be eeewwww! Gamey, too wild for me! Open up your mind and taste buds.....

My youngest brother goes hunting for wild boar about every two or three years. on a friends 500 acre ranch in the Chileno Valley.  (that's near Petaluma and Tomales Bay, by the way) The boar population there increases rapidly and can and does become a problem to the ranchers and their livestock. Thus the bi-annual wild boar or two roast.

My brother prepared and marinated his boar overnight with a secret recipe marinade of his which I have figured out a few of the key ingredients. (some of which I deduced as molasses, red wine or port, beer, herbs and seasonings) The taste was heavenly.

It was probably one of the most if not the most, tender meat that has ever melted in my mouth. And being the carnivore, raised on a black angus ranch, with chickens and a great love of fish, picky sushi fanatic, that's saying great deal!)

Vegetarians, please don't take offense.  We also had a half acre vegetable garden, and ripped our own vegetables off their family ‘tree'.

But, back to the delicious delicacy of wild boar, a ‘la my brother's resume.  A knife was not necessary, the meat fell apart like the scoop of vanilla ice cream from a hot slice of apple pie. Adjectives like juicy, mouth watering (which mine is as we speak), nirvana, like candy, sensory overload as I slip away from worldly consciousness (to replace ‘the big O' word).

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