Jeff Hadfield - Salsa!

My most typical meal is an extremely spicy steak burrito—usually a Cajun-style, fancy-pants kind from one of those Californicated burrito joints like "Planet Fresh," "Hi-Tech Burrito," or whatever. The kids always have cheese quesadillas because they like them best. My daughter, 2, likes to eat mild salsa out of the container ... I generally go for the habanero, but I can't bring myself to eat it out of the container.

My most memorable meal, however, takes place about once a year. My father in law has a cabin in Montana, to which we trek every August (except last year). I always get a hankerin' (you can talk that way when you're in Montana) for fresh, homemade salsa ... so I always make a huge batch to work on during the week or so we're there. Last trip I made a big batch of tequila-marinated fajitas—one batch for those with less spice fortitude, and another batch laden with habanero. But it wasn't just the food that made the meal memorable—the setting, overlooking the Yellowstone river, did, too. But absolutely most memorable was the meal, unhurried and relaxed, with my family somewhere away from everyday concerns.

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