Rowby Goren - Low Cholesterol

My most radical food experience was when I went to a nutritionist-based doctor and he took a sonogram of a big artery in my neck and when I looked at the printout it I saw just the tinniest narrowing of the artery, which for my age was "normal".  And he took a blood test and told me my cholesterol level was 250, a dangerous level for me.

I was so terrified of having a stroke (my aunt had a stroke and never did properly recover) that as soon as I got home I got rid of all animal based foods, including milk, cheese, fish, butter, etc.

Within one week my cholesterol was down to 140.  According to my vegetarian guru Dean Ornish, when men go on such a "radical" zero animal product diet, this kind of major dip on cholesterol is not unusual.  Women, however, while they experience a similar reduction of cholesterol, don't experience the kind of abrupt and quick cholesterol reduction as men. 

Anyway, it's been over six years and I have never missed meat or animal products.  And I feel very healthy. 

Rowby Goren,

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