Dan Carroll - Native Cuisine

Too many interesting meals, although two days at the wedding party on a ranch in the central mountains of Mexico was most unusual. It was a feast, a true celebration!! Tables overflowing with food fit for royalty, but prepared by poor families so their children would have a memory which would remain with them all their lives. The food, tequila, and gun shots in rhythm with the dancing flowed all night.

After 3 years of processed, chemicalized, and Americanized foods I think nothing matches the nearly orgasmic mental and palate delight in a single taste at a true Mexican restaurant in Houston, Tx, or truly great Japanese dishes in Hanbarra, or the taste of homemade Thai at my friend's home in Bangkok. I think there are no words to describe the delight, because it is a visual, physical, sensual and mental experience at that moment which has to be sensed and shared to be understood.

Dan Carroll, AIA APMM NCARB, presint3d@mindspring.com

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