Adventurer's Inn, Yonkers, NY—circa 1956-1958.

I have no idea if its still around, but they made the best, to this very day, BEST grilled Nathan-esque hot dogs ever.

Sure, part of the appeal was: it was my first hot dog experience. Another, I'm sure, was it's one of the few fond memories I have of both my parents together. However, the dog was grilled to perfection, not undercooked or boiled limp like today. A great snap when you sank your choppers into it. Also, they had wonderful cold sauerkraut—not cooked and chewy like you find today—if they even serve it (and naturally there's an extra charge—I can't get past that resentment)!

Finally, as I kid, I only knew French's mustard. But at the Adventurer's Inn they had special deli mustard. This was stunning to my 5 or 6 year old mind. More mustards?  Different? And, yummy! What else was there waiting for me that I didn't know? Could someone other than Heinz make catchup? My mind boggled at the possibilities.

I miss the Adventurer's Inn. Have never been back since my parents split and we moved to Fair Lawn, NJ. However, to this day, I love kosher hot dogs, grilled, with deli mustard, cold sauerkraut on a slightly toasted bun. The only addition I've made during the years is downing it with a Cream Soda ... though recently I have been introduced to Henry Weingarten's (sic?) Vanilla Draft Soda. Heaven!

Michael Cahlin,

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