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ITC Tempus is one of the best new body text families in years. It's very casual and calligraphic, but it's so well structured that it remains easy to read. I don't know if I'd set an entire book in it (I haven't tried, maybe it would work), but it would certainly work for a newsletter or anything smaller. It's wonderfully free, yet modern, and never sloppy. Tempus, along with Humana and Obelisk will change the face of typography--and for the better. These will be the great classic faces "from the 90's" that are remembered for decades (if not centuries) to come. EsperFonto: Casual/Modern/Friendly/Warm.

Three Islands Press

Isn't this a beautiful script face? No, it's not particularly easy to read, but it really captures a time and place, and is extremely elegant in a rustic way. EsperFonto: Formal/Casual/Traditional/Period/Warm.


ITC does it again. While there are many Art Deco faces around, this one is exceptionally elegant. EsperFonto: Formal/Modern/Period/Elegant.

Jack Yan & Associates

Jack Yan's face is actually called Yan Series 333. It has a very unique, hand-made, flowing feeling. EsperFonto: Casual/Modern/Warm.

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