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Charles Rennie (That's Rennie, not Renee) Mackintosh was a brilliant Scottish designer with a highly distinctive style that's part Art Nouveau, Part Vienna Secession. While there are other typefaces that try to capture this style, this new revival is the most accurate. This beautiful family comes in three versions--Normal, Bold, and Ornaments, which include both ornaments and special reversed letters and numbers. While this is an all-cap face, the lower case provides interesting alternate characters (notice how the "A" and "H" have three cross bars in the upper case, but only two in the lower, and how the "M" "N" and "O" are different. But there are subtle differences between the upper and lower case in almost every letter, giving you a range of choices. This is a real gem.

ImageClub is the first place to find ITC faces. Esperfonto: Formal/Casual/Traditional//Warm/Friendly/Elegant.

FontHead Designs

Samurai is an all-cap hand-written script face with a distinctive personality. Esperfonto: Casual/Modern/Warm.


ITC has begun to revive typefaces from the great PhotoLettering library, one of the largest sources of decorative display faces. Static is a late 50's, early 60's rough, all-cap face, with subtle differences between the upper and lower-case to add detail. Cute, huh? Esperfonto: Casual/Modern/Period/Warm/Humorous.

Castle Systems

Jason Castle's Tambor comes in several varieties, from thin, to inline to the dazzling "Adornado." You see them mixed together here, but these are really four separate fonts. Esperfonto: Casual/Modern/Period/Warm.

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