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It's nice to see that ITC has regained their leadership in the creation of new typeface designs, and even nicer to see more brilliant body text faces like this one from Phil Grimshaw. Obelisk, along with Humana and Tempus, are distinctive, yet easy-to-read body text faces with tremendous style and warmth. Esperfonto: Informal/Modern/Warm.

Jack Yan & Associates

Jack Yan's Pinnacle is at once elegant, distinctive, and classic. The alternate version contains many swash characters (as seen in the third heading). Esperfonto: Formal/Traditional/Cool.

Phil's Fonts

Every month, Phil's Fonts releases new typefaces and offers a free font to download. Poor Richard is one of Phil's originals--it's a charming face with a turn-of-the-century (meaning the previous century, we're getting so close to the next century that you might be confused) feeling. Esperfonto: Informal/Traditional/Warm/Friendly.

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