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The venerable International Typeface Corporation (which now handles the Letraset line) has a new lease on life and is releasing dozens of unique and beautiful new faces every three months. Braganza is yet another of Phil Grimshaw's brilliant script faces, this one based on handwritten manuscripts from 16th-century Portugal. Also available in light and small caps. ImageClub is the first place to find ITC faces. Esperfonto: Formal/Traditional/Elegant/Warm.

FontHead Designs

BraveWorld font by FontHead

Ethan Dunham's display typefaces are unique and stylish. Esperfonto: Formal/Casual/Modern/Cool.


Cezanne font from P22

P22 designed this font in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This small foundry does a number of fascinating display faces based on historical models. Esperfonto: Formal/Traditional/Warm.


This new sans serif typeface, designed by Robert Slimbach for Adobe, is both friendly and elegant. It's a two-axis multiple master font, which means you can adjust its weight and optical size. It comes with expert characters, small caps, swash initials and ornaments, features rare for sans serif faces. Esperfonto: Casual/Modern/Warm.

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