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EsperFonto Groups for Bitstream Font Navigator

If you're using Bitstream's new Font Navigator and want an easier way to organize your fonts, you've come to the right place.  

Just click on the following links to download complete sets of EsperFonto-organized groups for the Bitstream font CD's of your choice. 

Downloading and Installing 
Font Groups for Font Navigator


This document includes instructions for 

Downloading and Unzipping Font Group Files

Follow the instructions below to download and unzip a font group file. Each file is a self-extracting zip file. 
  1. Close Font Navigator if it is open. 
  2. Click a link, in the list below, that represents the file you wish to download: 
Font Group File   Bitstream CD for the PC
500_t1.exe        Bitstream 500 Font Type 1
500_tt.exe        Bitstream 500 Font TrueType
coll_t1.exe       Bitstream Collection Type 1
coll_tt.exe       Bitstream Collection TrueType
ts_t1.exe         Bitstream TypeShop Type 1
ts_tt.exe         Bitstream TypeShop TrueType
ts_pro.exe        Bitstream TypeShop Pro
    Note: The files are binary. 
  1. If prompted, choose to save the file to disk and specify a directory where the file will be downloaded.
  2. Remember this directory, or write it here:

  3. Save the file by clicking the "Save" button and the file will be downloaded.
  4. Use your system's file manager to locate and double-click on the ".exe" file that you downloaded. Or, use the Window's "Run..." program to run the executable.
  5. Follow the prompts supplied by the unzip program to install the font groups on your system. 
  6. The unzip program supplies a default path to where the groups will be installed. This path is common to most installations of Font Navigator. If you have a different configuration, or choose to download the fonts to a directory other than the supplied default, the fonts must ultimately be installed in a subdirectory of Font Navigator called "Groups" (i.e., FontNavigator\Groups). 

    Once the files are installed in the "Groups" directory, you can use Font Navigator to access them.

Using Font Groups in Font Navigator

To use your Font Navigator font groups, 
  1. Start Font Navigator. 
  2. Double-click the font group folder you installed, to expand the font group and see the fonts in it. The fonts will be marked as follows: 
  3. Fonts that are check marked are already installed. 

    Fonts that have a red "X" are not in the Font Catalog, which is the database of all the fonts that Font Navigator has found on your system. You cannot install groups that specify fonts which are not in the Font Catalog. 

    To add fonts to the Font Catalog, refer to the topic "How to search for fonts: an overview" in the Font Navigator Help file. 

  4. To install the font group, click and drag the font group folder to the Installed Fonts list. 
Refer to the Font Navigator Help file for more information about font groups. 

Copyright © 2001 Daniel Will-Harris, www.will-harris.com