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ViaFone has been through several incarnations, and so has their web site.

This first site used the repeated logo (which I designed), a personal handwriting script, and a simple design that cut through the clutter. Click on graphic to the left and see it full-size and animated.

To the left  you can see the second site’s illustration. These are used simply on the site to give the illustrations a subtle punch--and also because Flash can render these vector graphics more cleanly and compactly than GIF can. So you get better quality, and animation, in a graphic that downloads faster. What’s not to like?

See the ViaFone “MySimon” demo. This was designed to simulate a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) telephone displaying a web site.

The latest site uses this illustration to convey ViaFone’s ability to connect people around the globe:


Linux Division

This animated logo for a German Linux company features a stylized penguin because the penguin is, for some unknown reason, the official power-animal of Linux. Click here to see it larger.


Bruce Eckel is an internationally-known author and speaker who uses his site to promote his seminars, CD, and books. He also distributes a free e-book version of his best-selling books "Thinking in" Java and C++.

The site design grew out of his teaching concept involving a path towards order. The home page uses Flash to animate the concept, and create an interactive page that’s more compact and faster-loading than if it had been done using GIF or JPG graphics.

Click here to see the entire site.



This Swiss company needed a tri-lingual site. The home page animates in, then the language links on the right instantly change the language of the buttons. Try them (note: only the language links are functional here)


Web presentation


I gave a design presentation for a group of designers at Yosemite, and I used Flash. It allowed me to create a presentation that was more flexible than something like PowerPoint, and one I could post on the web. Take a look.

Real Estate Slide Show


How do you show a house on the web to it’s best advantage? A Flash movie can do the trick, as this one does. Watch it!


Copyright © 2001 Daniel Will-Harris,

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