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I used to be accused of throwing a ball like a girl (Iíve since learned how to put my entire body into it, but I still canít throw worth beans). But no one has ever said my handwriting looked like a girl (except for that one person who said it was suggestive of Lizzie Borden, yes, back to that). To me, this looks like a girlís handwriting. A talented girl, but a girl none the less. A young woman, at most. Of course, I could be wrong.

Kanna Aoki created the letters for Emmascript one afternoon in SanFrancisco's Golden Gate Park. The design is named for her '68 Volkswagen bug, "Emma." MvB Design digitized and released Emmascript in 1994. Special attention was placed on making the letters connect without sacrificing the design's irregular rhythm. The result is a display face that looks scrawled-out by hand.

EmmaScript, by Kanna Aoki, available through FontHaus, and soon, Adobe.

EsperFonto: Casual, Friendly, Warm, Display.



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