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You may have noticed a trend developing on these pages--display faces. I love display faces and Iím not going to apologize for it just because there are people out there who only ever use Garamond and Univers. Those people are boring. I have been called many things, but boring is not one of them.

But just because I like display faces doesnít mean I donít love body text faces. The truth of the matter is that its just so difficult to create a new body text face, it requires so much experience and expertise, that not that many new ones are being designed.

When a new one comes along thatís both beautiful, unique and utilitarian I get almost giddy. This new face managed to combine some old-style shapes with a very modern feeling. The result is something at once new and familiar, and very useful. Slab serif faces like this tend to work extremely well on-screen, and this one has the added advantages of being a multiple master with control over both weight and optical sizing (so that the face looks well-balanced in both very large and small sizes), and having a true italic, which is both more attractive and, I think, more readable than an oblique (or slanted) italic.

The talented Carol Twombly (Lithos and many others) has shown herself to be a brilliant type designer, even of complex and original body text faces. Add Adobe Chaparral to her list of notable acheivments. EsperFonto: Formal/Casual, Modern, Cool, Friendly/Serious, Body.



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