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I’ve tried to learn to hand write like this, I really have. I bought special pens. I studied books. And yet the results are always only slightly less ax-murderesque than before. What can I say except that I’m clearly not reincarnated from anyone living during the Victorian era. This is, however, not necessarily a bad thing. I think you’re simply born with the ability to write like this, or you’re born with a charge card so you can buy a font like this. I was born the latter, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Bickham Script is a new script from Richard Lipton and Adobe. As well as being a “multiple master” (giving you precise control over weight), the font comes with two separate sets of alternate lowercase characters, and one set of especially ornate caps. The combination allows you to add enough variety to make the text look hand written. If you love formal scripts, you’ll love this one. EsperFonto: Formal, Traditional, Cool, Serious, Display.



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