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Americratica, formerly Democratica

I sometimes wonder about font names. This face used to be called “democratica,” and I didn’t think the name fit. Then again, it must be like trying to name the baby, only in the case of a baby you’re not really sure how it’s going to look when it grows up, whereas with a font by the time you name it you better know what it looks like or there’s something very wrong.

Then it turned out there was a font named Democratica, from Emigre, and since currently the only part of a typeface that’s legally protected is the name, Emigre, who had the name first, asked FontHead to change their font name, which they did. They changed it to “Americratika,” which still isn’t what I’d have called it, but no one asked me :)

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful face, maybe “Sophia” (no, there’s already one)... no, this face somehow looks masculine to me, so how about “Francisco.”

Whatever you call it, FontHead’s Americratika is a unique face that will turn heads.

EsperFonto: Formal/Casual, Traditional/Modern, Warm, Serious, Display


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