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Daniel Will-Harris' Favorite Script Faces

First, I have to admit there are only a few script faces I don't like--Park Ave. being at the top of that list--and I'm even loathe to mention it here it's so awful. In the past, when printers had few fonts, they always seemed to have Park Ave which must have been new at the time they bought their equipment in the 30's or cheap in the 50's, but now there's no excuse for using Park Ave, when you can use Coronet or hundreds of much more pleasant, attractive, functional and beautiful script faces. Of course, I also have to admit that I have seen Park Ave. used inoffensively (and even well), which only goes to prove that there are no good and bad typefaces, just appropriate and inappropriate.

  • Bergell, Letraset
  • Caflish Script, Adobe
  • Carpenter, Image Club
  • Erazure, FontHaus
  • ExPonto, Adobe
  • Greene & Greene, Sutcliff
  • John Handy, Letraset
  • Pablo, Letraset

    Almost any ITC script face - ITC/Letraset has the best and fastest growing collection of script faces of any foundry. They're varied and full of life--truly superb.

  • Leonardo Hand, Sutcliff
  • Magneto, Font Bureau - (looks like it's off the tail fin of a 50's car)
  • Mistral, Staccato-222, Adobe or Bitstream,
  • Neonstream, Font Bureau - (Looks like, you guessed it--neon!)
  • Ovidius, FontHaus
  • OzHandicraft BT, Bitstream
  • Party, Letraset
  • Raceway, Font Bureau - (another tail-fin face)
  • Rocket, Font Bureau - (looks like a car or refrigerator script from the late 50's)
  • Shelley, Adobe or Bitstream
  • Spring, LetterPerfect,
  • Tagliente, Sutcliff
  • Visigoth, Adobe

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