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Wireless Unleashed

Wireless Unleashed telecommunications blogKevin Werbach, is a technology analyst, strategy consultant and writer. He previously, served as Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission.

Wireless Unleashed is a group weblog on unlicensed wireless issues and about how freeing up the spectrum could create massive opportunities for innovation, and could dramatically lower the costs of wireless connectivity in developing countries.

Wireless Unleashed telecommunications blogThe site needed to be designed and built within a very tight deadline (can you say “over the weekend”? I knew you could). In two days, I presented them with two very different design directions--one based on the idea of sparks, as in sparking innovation, and a more subtle design that symbolizes energy through a sun-like pattern of dots. The design had to be simple enough to work within the blog format, yet sophisticated, distinctive, and energetic enough to reflect it’s high-tech audience.

The new design accomplishes these objectives and proves that technical doesn’t have to mean boring, cold or dry.

The blog backend for the site was developed by Matt Haughey.


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