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viafone wireless solutions

ViaFone siteViaFone was a “world- class provider of enterprise software for enabling mobile applications across all data and voice interfaces.” They are now a part of Extended Systems and no longer have their own graphic identity.

At the height of the “dot com boom,” I named the company, and designed their entire identity, including collateral and even their trade show booth. You can read more about their logo here.

The site was designed to be modular, and featured Flash illustrations and JavaScript drop-down navigation.

See the Flash illustrations for this, and a previous version of the site.

Previous ViaFone SiteHere’s an earlier design. The inside pages had the text scrolling inside a large orange o-logo. It was dramatic, and a strong visual introduction to the company. But because of the changing focus of the company, the site was redesigned (four times in one year!).


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