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Terry Gamble - Author

Dave Ryder Voice OversTerry Gamble is a wonderful writer. You should read her books. But first, look at her web site.

The background book is her great- grandmotherís journal, kept over 100 years ago, on top of a photo of the actual house thatís fictionalized in the book. Many of the images in the site were scanned from pictures in this journal.

To complete the scrapbook-look, I gave all the book covers and additional photographs old-fashioned deckled edges, the kind old photos used to have, and placed many at angles as if theyíd just been carelessly thrown on the page. The result is warm and intimate, like Ms. Gamblesí books.

Dave Ryder Voice OversEach section features a different background image behind the book, like the one shown on the right made from the authorís own handwritten manuscript pages. This makes the site specific, personal and provides insight rather than just decoration.

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