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Please take a look at my designs.  If you're interested in having me work for you (anywhere  in the world), just drop me a note.

I created, designed and produced a site called eFuse, the friendly place to learn how to build a better web site. I wanted the logo to show a person at the center (because I believe people really are the center of the web--otherwise, what’s the web for? So a bunch of web servers and routers can all comingle? I think not).

I sometimes find it more difficult to design a logo for myself than for someone else, because I tend to give myself fewer restrictions, while at the same time being a lot pickier.

So I created a connected person--but not just plugged in, plugged in and also plugging out. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, I wanted to show that the web was a two-way street, and you are at the center.

This was an earlier logo comp that combined an “E” and “F.” The problem was, it had no people involved. Maybe this is a logo for the comingling servers and routers. If you are a server or router and are interested in this logo for your other little electronic friends, let me know.

The font is... what is that font. Let me check... that’s right, it’s VAG rounded from Bitstream. This face was originally designed for Volkswagen, which explains why it’s so rounded.

Sometimes I am not sure that I am not a server/router combo, because when I get into a design mindset, I keep working in that same direction. So I created this logo for a company called i-mind (and frankly, I did mind, so they aren’t using this logo), and I used the same “i” to create the figure of a person that’s also an up-arrow.


It’s supposed to say “IT” as in “information technology” and it also makes a face (for all your server/routers out there).

The Software Factory is a German software company. The “Factory” part of the name implied mechanical things, like gears, so I turned two gears into an “S.” The typeface is called ”Craze.”

Mickey Mouse? Technology? Of course--Mickey Mouse is all technology. He was the star of the first animation movie with sound, and his little face has been part of many technological innovations of the 20th century. Ah, the 20th century, I remember it well.

The typeface is Adobe’s Mezz. After designing this I learned that the designer of Mezz was inspired by Mickey Mouse. Spooky, huh? OK, so it’s not spooky, but it is interesting. It is, really. OK, then, it’s interesting to me.

This was a logo for TTalk--which explains why the little T’s are talking.

“Emo” was the code name for a product I worked on. I am the kind of person who cannot work on a project without a logo. Strangely, the others on the project were the kind of people who could. I cannot explain these things.

This is one of those logos that looks impressive yet says nothing. I normally don’t do logos like this, because I believe a logo actually does have to say something. Despite this, I liked how this looked, so I’ve included it here.

I originally designed this logo for a gift shop (which had a different name that started with a “v.” The proprietor of that shop never could make up her mind. Ah, well.

While I’m never happy when a client doesn’t choose to use a logo (it doesn’t happen very often), I am egotistical enough to think that it’s their lack of style, taste and intelligence, and not the fault of the logo. And often I’m able to use the logo myself for something else.

For example, my Esperfonto logo with the computer arrows was designed for another product. They used another design so I used it myself.

The same holds true of my own FontoMat and Will-Harris House Press logos, both of which were designed for someone else’s project that never took shape, and both of which I was more than happy to use myself.

Sometimes I’m sorry to see a logo go--especially if I don’t think it’s going to a good home--so in those cases, I’m happy just to keep it and use it myself.

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