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I wanted the Internet Factory box to convey the feeling of blueprints and the idea of activity. The typefaces are Bodoni (Logo and upper right corner) and GMNanogram. CorelXara's transparency feature made much of this design not just possible, but easy to produce.

CD “jewel boxes” are unweildy things. They take up a lot of space without adding a lot of value. While I design inserts for these cases, because they’re industry standard, I also design CDs that stand on their own. This way, if people remove them from the box and store them in other kinds of cases (as many people do), they still get the same impression from the CD that they got from the package and inserts.

More hands! Well, the CD is called "Hands-on" so it's only appropriate. This is the label for the CD itself. CorelXara's fractal and transparency feature once again allowed me to create a feeling of depth. Typeface: Cezanne from P22 (with the "J: edited to make it more readable).

This is the CD "Jewel-case" cover. I thought it was amusing to show yet another hand holding the CD itself. It's possible I may be the only one amused by this, but that's OK.

This CD used the cover design motif to create a CD that clearly says not just what it is, but what it’s like.

Here’s another CD designed to work with the cover design of the book. Designing the CD to match your other materials helps create a strong, unified image that adds interest and value to whatever you’re doing.

This isn't a package, it's a poster, but both Package and Poster begin with a P and that rhymes with D and that stands for Design. Typefaces: ITC Twang and Geometric Slabserif 712.

Three in Progress:

These three packages are CD-covers for three fun products. My instructions were to make them "Festive." The bold type is Poster Black from the FontBureau. Small type is ITC Tempus.

Copyright © 2007 Daniel Will-Harris,

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