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skyhorse Saddle company

skyhorse.com saddlesSkyhorse Saddle Company

Lisa and Loren Skyhorse create some of the world’s finest saddles. They’re in the Saddlemaker’s Hall of Fame.

I wanted to create a site that reflected the fact that they make every saddle by hand--their hands.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright said that art was the flower of the human soul. When I visited the Skyhorse studio and watched them work, I saw the seed of an idea. I realized that the site wasn't just about saddles, but the souls who make them. Souls being difficult to photograph, I took digital photos of them at work, many of them close ups of their hands.

skyhorse saddle co insideAnd that's where this "hand made" site started. The home page shows only their hands around their silver logo that "signs" their saddles. Their hands clearly show the strength and passion that goes into their work. The page with their hands will automatically take you inside after 20 seconds, or you can simply click on it go to in.

Inside, at the top of each page, you can see Lisa Skyhorse’s hand tooling their signature feather motif. The saddles have all been cut out from their backgrounds, so you can focus on them

To read more about my thought process on this site, read my SchmoozeLetter article (the SchmoozeLetteris my twice-monthly e-mail newsletter that goes to tens of thousands of readers).


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