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Crisman Rocking Horses

Randee Crisman Rocking Horses
Randee Crisman creates one-of-a- kind, handmade rocking horses.

The site features carefully cropped photos to convey the the life she gives to these horses, as well as their hand-made roots. The home pageís color comes from the grass in the photos, the same grass thatís repeated behind the home page header graphic.

Randee Crisman rocking horses inside pageI designed a script logo thatís both stylish and personal, and itís contrasted with the precise, modern type of her tagline and navigation.

Inside, I chose a photo of the artist at work, and pulled a warm, mocha color from the photo for the siteís background.

The photos are placed in neat squares, so theyíre easy to add to and update in the future, and the signature type is continued for the headings.

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