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one face at a time

One face at a time
One Face @ A Time is a project of Teachers Without Borders to connect kids worldwide (starting in Kabul and downtown Seattle) through photography, storytelling and technology.

Because the nature of the project is for students to take their own photos and write their own stories and poems, I created a design that reflects this, and the feeling of school in the use of the cork board.

The design is intentionally loose and asymmetrical, with a handwritten script used throughout, except on the banner name which is set in a font designed to mimic the look of Dymo labelers (a favorite of my childhood, and still around today, lo these many years later).

The “gallery” portion of the site will be built by students using blogging software, so I designed a simpler look for the blogs that continues the Dymo and cork board theme, but simplifies it so that the student art is the star of the site.

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