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Christopher meeks

Chris Meeks web site
Chris Meeks is a great writer, and friend. Heís also one of those annoying people who gets better-looking as he gets older. Iím one of those people who just looked older. Itís not fair, but who said life was fair?

I took this picture of Chris, looking like Steinbeck or Hemingway or one of those great writers who also got more distinguished rather than just older. A writerís work is never black and white, but in a way his medium (letters and numbers and most printed books) is.

So I turned the color photo black and white line art--making it look like an old woodcut illustration. If you stand on your head then look at the image, youíll be able to read what heís writing. If you canít stand on your head, it says, ďIt was a dark and stormy night,Ē which isnít something Chris would ever write, but luckily he thought it was funny.

I kept the rest of the site very, very simple, so that there was no hassle when Chris needed to update it himself. The inside pages use a smaller version of this same image, so the entire site consists of just three graphics (the graphic rendition of his name being the third).

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