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Please take a look at my designs.  If you're interested in having me work for you (anywhere  in the world), just drop me a note.

Hurricane logo

A computer company in  the Philippines requested a logo for the name Hurricane.  I wanted to create a design that had that kind of  movement, but none of the messiness or destruction  associated with hurricanes. Originally the logo was just  the H inside the swirl, but then I saw how I could make  the swirl part of the H. These things come to you,  sometimes in a flash (a flash that can take weeks of work  to achieve ). I'm very pleased with the  "animated" effect this logo has--even when  standing still. Typeface: Nyx from Adobe.

Filmscape Logo

Filmscape is a Hollywood  company that specializes in providing information to film  studios and production companies. They wanted to be  considered a kind of indispensable "compass"  for the industry, so I created this logo that combines a  sense of energy with the points of a compass. The  typeface is a modified version of Bitstream's Chianti  with triangles instead of dots. This became the company's  corporate title face and is called Compass.

Designed for a software  product that, not surprisingly, produced sound effects, I  used the idea of sound waves to create this logo. A  subtle "E" is created within the waves.  Typeface: ITC Anna.

The Writer's Computer  Store was the first computer store to focus on the  special needs of writers. I designed this logo to look  like a keyboard, and used ITC American Typewriter because  it's, well, so typewritery.

ToMarket is a commercial flooring company that creates innvotative products. The logo above clearly shows they do floors. (Hey, Iím not color blind, I know this isnít mono, but the logo is designed so it can be used in simple black and white).

I also developed a logo for a innovative line of recycled rubber flooring called Atmosphere. This is the final logo:

The recycled logo is an integral part of the logo, because itís an integral part of the product. The type is purposely chunky so that it could be cut out of the flooring product itself.

Here are some earlier comps:

This doesnít use the traditional recycling logo, but instead uses something symbolic going from dark to light.

Another version of an A with a recycling logo built in.

This design uses the actual flooring as the fill of the A.

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Copyright © 2002 Daniel Will-Harris,

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