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Please take a look at my designs.  I'm available for work no matter where in the world you  are. If you're interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.

The Internet Factory  makes great web servers. I designed their logo to show  the concept of planning and construction. The typefaces  are Rubino Serif from ImageClub, and Bitstream Bodoni  Bold. CorelXara was used exclusively to create the piece.

Dragonfly software's  main product is a tool to help you create stained glass  windows. So what could be more logical than a stained  glass window of a dragonfly? The typeface is one I  designed called Exhibit-X , the slightly wacky  version of another I designed called Exhibit-F. The client loved the design, but not the typeface (ah,  well), so I created another version using Frutiger's  Herculanum:

This logo was designed  for an entertainment news web site that lasted about as  long as one of those old flashbulbs. The typeface is  Pristina from Letraset.

OK, so it's a visual  pun. I found it amusing, and some things you do for  yourself. Typeface: Letraset Lightning.

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