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Dan Janal PR

Dan JanalDan Janal is an Internet marketing consultant who helps companies make money selling products and services on the Internet with strategies he developed while consulting for AOL, IBM, Reader's Digest and others. Dan has written five books on this subject, and was on the PR team that launched America Online more than 18 years ago. He's also a dynamic, humorous speaker who delivers real content about marketing, Internet marketing, publicity and branding.

At first he didn't like the idea of a pointillist version of him, large, and on every page, but I said that he was selling himself as a brand, so he had to be packaged like one. He agreed, and the site is getting raves. When you visit in IE, notice that the background is stationary, just the text moves, once again, keeping the brand in your view at all times, so you never forget where in the world you are on the web. I also designed the site for his ShowStoppers service, and the logo for his PRLeads service. See the site...


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