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J.Thompson Design

Jennifer Thompson is an artist--an interior designer, color consultent, painter and hat maker. In her previously life, she ran the store you see to your right, selling her own designs as well as fantastic finds. Now she has an interior design studio in Berkeley California (see new site below)

I designed both her sites to reflect her art. The graphic header for each page was taken from one of her own paintings, or pieces of antique fabric she sells (sea shells by the seashore).

The furniture page uses DHTML to let you rearrange various pieces of furniture, try it, its fun.

Her new site, left, uses photographs of her own colorful interior design work as the basis for the web design. Inside, simple mouseovers make for dramatic before and after comparisons

While shes across the San Francisco Bay in Berkeley now, her studio/store was in Inverness Park, California, on the Point Reyes Peninsula, at the western edge of the continent (on our very own tectonic plate that moved 20 feet in a single bound during the big San Francisco quake of 1906 while the rest of the state shook but didn't move anywhere).

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