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I designed this site for a non-profit environmental action group in Washington D.C.

It's aim is to be friendly, fast-loading, but also bold and unique as well as slick enough to add credibility.

It started with a purposely simple logo, and the color was a no-brainer--though I do remember sites like Herman Millerís ďRedĒ (no longer in existence) being all blue, which I found kind of amusing.

I believe home pages need to be simple and compact so people can see their options and get on the right ďpath.Ē

I didnít used to believe that, I used to believe they needed to be long and complex, so that just shows that times have changed, or Iíve learned something, or maybe I knew something then Iíve forgotten now. One can never tell with these things :)

That said, this design is no longer online as their needs changed, they wanted a home page that was long and filled with detail, so the current site design reflects this.


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