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Double-sided Cards

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The cards in this section are all double-sided, which gives you twice as much real-estate to work with. Double-sided cards can be useful to convey more information, or just to have a double-whammy impact--so even “face down” they pack a visual punch and stand out in a stack of cards.

PR Leads business card back
Back of card. PR Leads is a company that helps people get publicity. I designed the logo with the friendly idea of the dog “fetching” because the company fetches the leads for you. The back of the card is simple and dramatic--just the logo on a colorful background. I often print double-sided cards using a company that specializes in glossy, plastic-coated cards that has a very thick feel and slick look. The bright colors, and thick, shiny finish makes these cards jump out of virtually any stack of cards.

PR Leads business card
Front of card: The front makes the dog logo even bigger--having him appear to be coming in from just outside the left of the card. The typeface for “PR Leads” is Magnesium, and the body is Univers Condensed and Extended.

Back of card: The Training Space is a corporate training organization with diverse range of capabilities. I designed the logo to symbolize teamwork, and it’s shown in full on the back of the card, along with bullet points that specify specialties.

Training space  business card  back

Training space business card

Front of card (above) pulls apart the the individual hands of the logo and moves them to the edges of the card, as if they’re on their way into the group handshake of the final logo on the back of the card. It’s animated and playful and shows the flexibility of the logo. “The Training Space” typeface is Garrett Boge’s Longhand. The body text is Robert Slimbach’s Adobe Cronos.

Family Teen Talk Logo

Eve Segal’s Family Teen Talk is her family therapy practice, specializing in teens and their countless, endless, always dramatic problems (not that they really have that many more problems than adults, maybe even less, but they aren’t afraid of making them big and dramatic). Because her practice is about people expressing themselves and asking questions, I devised a logo that says both expression (!) and questions (?) in one flower-like shape. The card front, below, turns it on its ear a bit so that the logo is moving upwards in a non-threatening and hopeful way.

Family Teen Talk  business card

Family Teen Talk  business card back

The back of the card (above) once again uses color very strongly (this helps recipients find the card so it doesn’t get lost), and also uses the extra space as a kind of mini-brochure to spell out her services.

Back of card: Circade is a new software company specializing in communications. I designed their logo to show a progression from almost nothing to the large circle and C. In this double-sided card, the back of the card has the general contact information of the company that’s shared by all employees.

Circade business card

Front of card: The front of the card has the personal information for each employee--their name, title, phone and e-mail address. Strong color is again used for the back side of the card to differentiate it from the front--and from the other cards on someone’s desk. It’s also fun to flip this card over repeatedly, which creates a a flashing optical illusion.

Inner Health business card  back

Back of card: Melissa Burch is a classical homeopath, and I mean that in a nice way. Because Homeopathy uses minute quantities of natural substances to help the human body balance itself, I created a logo that showed hands surrounding a globe of natural elements. The back side of the card features the logo in full. The “Inner Health” typeface is ITC Orbon and the “through homeopathy” is Bank Gothic.

Inner Health business card

The front of the card pulls elements from the logo and uses them in new ways--taking the hands and uses them to lead the eye--and gives the impression of the elemental globe in motion. The body typeface is ITC Legacy Sans.

Card Back: ViaFone was a dot-com boom company that, as you can guess from the logo and card (not to mention the name) had to do with delivery communications... that’s right, via-phone (or fone, depending on your language). I created the company name, logo and tagline, “Wireless is more” which still makes me laugh.

This is one of my favorite card designs because during those dot-com days “money is no object” was a phrase people actually uttered. Of course, since I’m a very responsible designer, this wasn’t actually all that expensive to print, but it did use thick, elegant, very smooth paper.

The dots in the large “O-logo” were embossed, and the most unusual element of this card is that the embossing worked on both sides of the card--the dots lined up exactly, so on one side the dots were embossed, and on the back side they were debossed (sunken, rather than raised).

ViaFone business card

The back of the card did not show the complete logo, just the large “O-logo” which was often pulled out and used separately. The lettering of the logo is a hand-edited combination of Raceway and Futura. The type on the front of the card is classic Bodoni.

Photographic double-sided cards...

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