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Food For Thought

Software Made Simple web siteIt all started when I stopped eating solid foods. It wasn't by choice, I was recovering from an intestinal disorder and to help speed the process, I went on a liquid diet for two weeks (if that doesn't seem long to you, try it yourself!).

Not surprisingly, during this time I thought a lot about food. OK, so I thought of little else.

Since I couldn’t eat it, I decided to think about it. I asked my friends to share their experiences, and some recipes, and I created this mini-site.

We're amazingly lucky to live in a time (and most of us with computer access also live in a place) where food is not only available, it's abundant. Yet we take it for granted.

We shouldn't, because millions go hungry every day--and after not eating for two weeks, I finally learned what real hunger is. If this concerns you, please give money to a local food bank, because there are even people within walking distance of your supermarket who can't afford the wonders inside. To find a food bank near you (you can donate either food or money), visit Second Harvest, a national food bank.

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