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Edit My Site Online.com

Edit My Site Online 

EditMySiteOnline.com is an online service I built with my tech partner Tavs Jack Dalaa. The service is a simple content management system that lets you edit the content on your site through your web browser. Add one line of HTML code (it takes less than a minute) and voila--you can edit your site from any Windows computer connected to the web--anywhere in the world.

I came up with the idea because I created a lot of custom sites for customers who then had difficulty editing them. They didn’t want to spend the time to learn a complicated web program, or the money to buy one--and now they don’t have to, they just log into this service and edit their content just as if they were using a word processing program.

It’s fast, it’s very easy, and the web-based editor is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) so that you can edit text and place graphics. You can paste directly from your word processor with almost all the formatting intact.

It’s a great way to deligate pages to customers or different people in an organization. Take a look, and sign up for a free page to try out the system!

Site design: My goal was to create something friendly, so I put the “E” logo onto a body and created “Ed” the site’s mascot and guide. Then I created a background that looks like a kind of “stage” for him.

Because this is a  new concept, I needed to tell the “story” of the site with pictures as well as words, so the top half of the page uses Flash to show how a web designer/developer and their customers benefit from the service.


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