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David McCullough

David McCullough site for Simon & Schuster PublishersDavid McCullough is one of the best-selling biographers and historical authors today.

His publishers, Simon & Schuster, wanted a separate site that could focus in on and highlight the extensive collection of books he’s written.

Because McCullough’s books are always historic, I wanted the site to have the feeling of a classic old book. The hand-marbled paper, traditionally used as end papers in leather-bound books, became the site’s background on the main pages--each section features a different hand-marbled background.

Each book has it’s own specific background image, from enlargements of John Adams and Harry S. Truman’s own handwriting, to maps of the Brooklyn Bridge and Panama canal, each background helps illustrate the content of the book and adds information as well as decoration. The book backgrounds are kept in sepia tones to add a consistent feel, despite their different designs.

The text is in a box that has a “bookplate” feeling. The typeface is ITC Founder’s Caslon, a new digital typeface based on old letterpress printing, subtle flaws and all, which beautifully captures the feeling of old book printing. Period printers ornaments and lines are used to further enhance the classic bookish effect.

I worked on the project with David Fox who produced and built the site.



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