Business Card  Designs
by Daniel Will-Harris

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Debra Ollivier card #1 

Debra Segal  Ollivier is an American writer and translator living in Paris. I designed this first card for her professional work--something classic yet modern and very  professional. The typefaces are Rubino Serif from  ImageClub and Bank Gothic from Bitstream.

Debra loved  everything about it, and then proceeded to ask me to change every single element--the type, the  layout--then we added graphics:

Debra Ollivier card #2 

The result is an informal, personal card that she felt better represented her personality. So now she has two  cards--one formal, and one informal--depending on  the client--and her mood. She also has a new baby  son, Maxwell Sinclair. Typefaces: Scribble from Epiphany Design Studio in Santa Monica, and ITC Highlander.

I designed this logo and card for a film critic. I liked the simple, abstract, fun shape that implied a film projector, projecting her initial. She opted for an even more abstract design, which I liked, too (I never let a client have anything I don't like myself!). The typeface is Berhard Gothic, a little known but quite beautiful art deco sans serif face from fonthaus – it uses the alternate version for the E's so that they're rounded.

This is the card she chose, which uses EmmaScript from Mark Van Bronkhorst. The “sb” creates an interesting, almost abstract shape.

Susan Hayes Card 

Susan Hayes is a weaver whose work is elegant and unusual, so I  designed a logo that looks and feels like it was  woven. It was printed using Thermography, a  printing process I like because the printing  becomes raised (like engraving, only  inexpensive), so you can actually "feel" the threads in her logo. Typeface: Lithos (again--what can I say, it's a  beautiful face).

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Sharon Seagal Card 

It takes me  forever to choose a pair of glasses. Not only do  I have to like them, but Toni has to like them.  Sharon has been incredibly patient while we've  tried on every single pair of glasses in her shop, and honest about how good or bad they look. When you get glasses from her they always turn out right the first time--maybe not in an hour,  but in a day or two (I don't know about you, but  my vision is worth more than one hour's wait).  Sharon's old cards were so blurry and  unattractive I joked that she did it on purpose  to make people think they needed new lenses. But, in fact, they were just printed locally without  much thought--the way many people's cards are.  This modern, asymmetrical design uses several weights of Zurich (Univers) from Bitstream. The  glasses I got from her are symmetrical, wireframes, that look like, well, just the way I  look on my own card

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architect-dog breeder blueprint card

architect-dog breeder blueprint card

Sandra Piscedda is an Italian  architect who raises Rhodesian Ridgebacks, so I combined her two pursuits into a single, blueprint inspired design. The two variations are  for variety. The typeface is, understandably, Monotype's Blueprint.

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Rachael Schultz Card 

Rachel's painting's are dreams filled with electric color.  I couldn't imagine her card being anything but full-color. I started with photos of the artist--and her artwork. If you look carefully you'll see the artist merged into her own  painting in the upper right corner. Typeface:  Pablo from Letraset.

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