Business Card Designs
by Daniel  Will-Harris

I'm available for work no matter where in the world you are. If you're interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.

Here's my  latest business card. My previous card had been simple, but I had much more information to include this time and knew it would be crowded--so I made the most out of it and made it  busy as well! This isn't my real phone number, so use e-mail to contact me. Typefaces: Poster Inline and Solid from Jonathan Macagba (available through Monotype's Type Designers of the World collection, and Gill Sans, also from Monotype. Go to top...

Toni's business  card features a pen scanned from a copyright-free book of clip art and type set in Nicolas Cochin from URW (also available on the Corel Draw 5 and  6 CD). Toni and Daniel worked on the design together, and added the splat at the bottom,  which used to be Daniel's logo before he  created his caricature. Go to top...

Rick Karvasales is perhaps the world's greatest realtor. I'm not kidding. He's smart, honest, conscientious--a good person as well as a good realtor. OK, enough gushing about Rick--if you want to find a house in the SF Bay area, Marin County in  particular, give him a call 415-488-9704. Typeface: Carol  Twombly's (overused but still wonderful) Lithos from Adobe. Go to top...

Pauline Lomas is a writer who wanted an elegant card with  a subtle message. Typeface: Shelly Allegro.

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Janis  MackMiller asked me to design a card that, if picked up from the floor of the Mall of America, would clearly tell the recipient what Pinnacle Solutions does. To do all that, I created a mini-brochure that fits  inside a folding business card.

The  front of this folding card:

The  back of the card:

The  inside of the card:

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Copyright © 2003 Daniel Will-Harris,

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