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Please take a look at my designs.  If you're interested in having me work for you (anywhere  in the world), just drop me a note.

Not all my designs see the light of day (as brilliant as they may be :) Those shown on this page are successful logos, for unsuccessful companies.

If you are interested in any of these logos, they’re for sale. While I usually design logos from scratch, these have a lot of posibilities, and if they fit your business, I’ll customize them for you.  E-mail me to find out details.


I think this one is fantastic (the name has been changed to protect the guilty so this isn’t related to the current site called Mobilitas).

The M with wings really says mobile which was what their company was all about.

Who can explain these things: they ended up with a plain text logo that’s literally done in the font used in phone books. Good image--about as mobile as a phone book.

The M’s are, in order, ITC Jonston, Futura Light, and ITC Galliard Italic.

creative thinking 

This logo was for a line of books that were never published. The face is called Jensen Aribique, and I found it in a book from 1930 with unreleased type designs. It had never been released in any format, so I suggested to type designer Jason Castle that he create a digitial version. It’s a truly beautiful face, designed by Gustav Jensen.

This design was for a web firm that was going to sell software to help sites keep aware of what their customers wanted. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get the name (so this is no relation to and they changed the name to something that didn’t have a C or an A, so none of this would work.

I had looked forward to using the logo, because it could be turned into a kind of building block that had great potential. The font is Adobe Briem Akademy, a multiple master you can make lighter, bolder, narrower or wider.


A recording studio wanted an image that conveyed sound.

It was an interesting assignment, to convey sound in graphics, and I came up with a number of interesting comps

The first used on a abstract background of lines that symbolized sound. The next used circles as sound waves.

They were never used because the business went belly up before they could. Hey, these things happen. The italic “f” is Baskerville. The “fezound stages” is Briem Akademy again--this time shown in a bold, wide version.


SpinCycle was a “wash day miracle” which would do something so secret I can’t reveal it.

spincycle compBut I could start working on logos, which I did, working to create something simple enough to be not just on the package, but stamped into the product itself.

I created a lot of comps, as you can see, but the client disappeared, and so, I guess, has the product.

 It’s too bad, too, because we all could use a wash-day miracle now and then. I know I could

All this type is Avenir.

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Copyright © 2002 Daniel Will-Harris,

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