“I know sometimes you can tell a book by its cover, and I was so knocked out by the smart, funny, and totally engaging cover of The Laughter & Sadness of Sex that I couldn’t stop looking at it.” Caroline Leavitt, author of Girls in Trouble and Coming Back To Me, Book columnist, The Boston Globe and Imagine Magazine.

“Will-Harris’ covers are uncannily good. They convey the book in a split second. I’ve had people tell me that they’ve picked it up because the cover attracted their attention. Will-Harris gets into people’s heads in a way that’s unexplainable.” Christopher Meeks, author The Laughter & Sadness of Sex, Writing Professor Cal Arts.

“Daniel’s work is deceptively simple. Nothing touches the page or screen unless it fulfills a meaningful purpose. After looking at a design, you’re apt to feel: “It’s exactly what I wanted--but executed far better than I thought it could be.”” Roger Parker, author of the best-selling Looking Good in Print.

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