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MARDENis the pseudymn for a Hollywood Insider who prefers to remain anonymous. Marden's an unforgettable character. I don't know if he'll be pleased or insulted by that description, but it's true. I met him on a movie set, then he turned in a hilarious (and unforgettable) performance in a cable show I wrote called "Tar Pit Theater," and we are long-time friends, watching each other's hair fall out and making rude comments about people on awards shows.

Marden's also a published writer. His first book, Options, was released in paperback, a move I always considered foolhardy since the book was so hot it could have spontaneously combusted.

Despite what he might tell you, his next work was not titled "I was Michael Jackson's love child," or even "30 days to a full head of hair." His next book was titled "Lunch" or something, how am I supposed to remember these things. I remember it was funny and clever, but that's about all (and that's actually pretty good for me, so consider it a ringing recommendation).

His latest book, Starcrazed makes a mockery of everything Hollywood. Marden's seen enough dirt (under his fingernails alone), and knows where enough bodies are buried (not under his fingernails), that the book is both true-to-life and a hilarious parody. Best of all, it's not based on a true story! Here's what you'd find on the back inside flap of the book cover:

Fan is short for Fanatic.

Starcrazed chronicles the meteoric rise of beautiful actress Amanda Yates. Her role on television's top-rated show makes Amanda one of America's most beloved stars--but no one loves her more than Jesse Raines.

Jesse, a lonely thirteen year old boy, is captivated by Amanda's beauty. Over the years his mother Rita, a devoted Elvis fan, encourages Jesse's crush with Amanda to the point where it becomes an obsession.

The Hollywood Dream and all its accouterments: money, fame, and beautiful people combine with the glare of stardom to blind Amanda to the realities that stardom brings. She's unprepared for the terror that awaits beyond the blinding lights of Tinsel Town.

Written by a Hollywood insider, Starcrazed is a fast-paced, sexy, spine tingling thriller that will leave you breathless.

Read the first half of the book on-line for free.

Or Buy the entire book for just $6.00!

Copyright 1998 Daniel Will-Harris,