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Book Covers
with  Illustrations
all  designs by Daniel Will-Harris

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Thinking in Java book cover - 74K (sorry, but this was as small as I could make it and still have it look good--JPG compression was smaller, but messed with the red background under the type!) 

This is the first in a  series of "Thinking in" books. The author  wanted a very distinctive cover that conveyed both the  hand-made aspect of programming, and the idea of  "classes" of objects. I translated this into  classes of insects--or bugs--so the design alluded to  several levels of programming at once. Typeface: ITC Rennie Mackintosh. Here’s the second edition:


These are the very first concept comps I did for this series/ I call this style “Neo-DaVinci.”


The above may have been too literal in it’s “thinking” motif.


This was the first hint at an Art Nouveau style, which eventually became “craftsman.”


This was my first book cover design, for my second book. Even though a lot of the book was technical, I wanted to make the cover as non-technical as possible. The beautiful marble paper really stood out on the shelf otherwise filled with high tech (and usually ugly) books. It helped make the book a best-seller.


For the Windows edition of the book, I wanted to use the same motif, but make it seem more graphic (as Windows is more graphic than DOS was). I also wanted to show that the book was a little wacky (I went a little wacky--yes, wackier than usual) while writing it. So I drew this caricature of myself and added it to the design.


The back cover is intentionally cluttered--all those little “post it notes’ are really quotes from reviewers, a powerful sales tool on a book.


DeTours is a  catalog-based travel agency that also offers travel  accessories. DeTours and the date are set in Smudger from  Letraset (the splashes to the left of and under the date  are Smudger Alternates). The illustrations are all from  Letraset's DFJourney's typeface.


The  Glass Eye is a new software program created  specifically for the design of stained glass windows. So  it made sense to turn the cover of the documentation into  a stained glass window. The Dragonfly logo (see in the  lower right corner) is also made to look like a stained  glass window.


Frank Lloyd Wright was  the inspiration for this design where only square and  round objects were used, in keeping with the theme of the  book. Typeface: Bank Gothic from Bitstream.


Marbled cheesecake  meets marbled paper. Letraset Citation, Copperplate,  and Flemish Script. Marbled paper from ArtBeats CD, cake  from Letraset DFOrganics. The author, (my mother of all  people) thought the lady bug in the lower right corner  looked like a "cock-a-roach" (oy!) so I  removed it from the final version.


This little book  (5x5", the size of a CD) was based on my belief that  people's computers are like their brains--they rarely use  more than 10% of their potential. The 120 pages of this  book were written and designed not to tell people every  single detail they'd never use, but just the extra 5% of  stuff that if they knew, would save them hours a day,  days a month, and a month a year. It answered all the most commonly asked questions by users, both novice  and experienced. While this book was groundbreaking, it  was not recordbreaking. So what I learned is  that people seem to want to pay too much for books that  tell them more than they want to know in ways that make  it difficult to find what they need.

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