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Business Card & Letterhead  Designs

by Daniel  Will-Harris

I'm available for work  no matter where in the world you are. If you're  interested in having me work for you, just drop me a note.

James Nash is a guitarist (obviously) who wanted a card that was different. Actually, his significant other hired me as a present. Wasn't that nice? The thing about a musician is that they are selling themselves (I mean this in a nice way), it's their talent that's what's important. So I wanted to design a card that was as much about him as possible.

Since I work remotely, I wasn't near him to take pictures, so I asked him to have pictures taken of his hands playing his guitar, in several positions from several angles. He emailed me the photos. I cut one out and gave it a heavy outline, so it would look more like an illustration.

His name and the other script type is set in Cezanne (to which I did some manual editing) from . The small text is Adobe Cronos Swash, a great Multiple Master typeface with a simple yet elegant swash version.

This is a two-sided card for a piano player. I just thought it would be fun to turn the grand piano shape into a woman's face using two other shapes. The words make "keys" and the font is ITC Anna from itcfonts


This company specializes  in personnel recruitment, so I designed a logo that  turned the initial "T" of "Theyer,"  into a face. At once simple, yet memorable, and even  amusing, the logo set the tone for the rest of the  pieces, including the web site where the logo becomes  animated. Typeface: Bitstream Bank Gothic.

The letterhead used was  simpler than this, because the client wanted something  less whimsical, but this is the design I preferred:

allergy relief business card 

Since I suffer from  allergies myself, I knew that the bottom line for this  design had to be one thing: relief, so that  became the core of the design. Symptoms on the left,  moving to relief on the right. The letterhead uses the  same motif. Typeface: Adobe Cronos Multiple Master.

allergy relief letterhead

Educare needed to make it very clear what  they did, so I took the definition and mission statement  and made it an integral part of the logo so there could  be no confusion. Typefaces: Bitstream New Baskerville.  "e" is set in ITC Bronx. Address on bottom of  letterhead is Bitstream Humanist 521 (Gill Sans)  Condensed.





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