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My Fictional Bio

Dr. Daniel received his doctorate from the Miracle Whip Clinic (it's not quite as rich as the Mayo Clinic, but then again, it does have that "tangy zip") after graduating Summa Cum Loud at Oxford University's noted "New School of Advanced Megalomania."

He interned at Hollywood General's experimental lab for the chronically compuphobic. His research on the subject and his ground-breaking doctoral thesis entitled "Computers should speak our language, not the other way around, dammit," earned him the prestigious DeusExMechanica Prize and a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat.

He lives in the woods with his wife Toni, a leading expert in animal languages. Together they are the founders of the Point Reyes Chipmunk Observatory.

In his spare time he: practices Tai Chi; learns a new language each year; is building a solar-powered light aircraft which he plans to pilot from San Francisco to Tokyo; is a gourmet chef; collects impressionist art; is writing his third novel; hosts a series of videos and teaches graphic design to style-deprived children (and anyone else who will listen).

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