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Adobe Web Type

Adobe has released their first type package designed specifically for on-screen reading. The package contains special versions of Minion, Myriad, Caflish Script, Mezz, Penumbra and Giddyup. The fonts are all in TrueType format (a first for Adobe), and are specially hinted for extra screen quality.

To experience the true quality of these fonts, you need to see them "embedded" on a web page. Because Netscape and IE4 each use different embedding systems, I've created two different pages, one for Internet Explorer 4 and one for Netscape 4.

If you have both browser's you'll be able to compare the speed and quality of both systems. If you have only one, then you'll still get to experience font embedding, which is powerful, but not yet widely used.

For those of you with older browsers, choose the third option to see a page showing the fonts in GIF format.

Older browsers - GIF files

Coming soon: View these fonts using the embedding technologies of the V4 browsers.

Internet Explorer 4 - "OpenType Embedding"

Navigator 4 - "TrueDoc Embedding"

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